Edible Entertainment is an independent game developer, established in 2008 in Sydney Australia. Our goal is simple one. Make high quality, really fun games that we want to play! We are currently developing a procedurally generated adventure game called "Adventure Craft" for PC and iOS devices.

Since 2008 we have produced 4 Games for the Xbox 360, 4 iPad/iPhone games, and 4 iPhone Apps. 


James Anderson: Director: Artist/Game Designer

James' background lies in the visual arts. He has been drawing, painting and gaming for as long as he can remember. His main interests are video games, art,music and film. As he sits here writing this about himself in the third person, he wonders if anyone is reading this message. If you are reading this message why not send him an email let him know that you actually read this. Make sure that it's in the thrid person  though. That would be really funny. Send James a message.




Chris Morvant: Director: Programmer / Designer

Chris brings over 13 years of programming experience to Edible Entertainment. Prior to starting Edible Entertainment with James and Jan, Chris spent 3 years in the role of a lead programmer. Using his experience working with shaders, physics and artificial intelligence,  he has built Edible Entertainment's "Mad Game Engine" from the ground up helping to bring our games to life.




Jan Krejcir: Director/Artist/Game Designer

Jan brings a diverse range of experience to Edible Entertainment in the field of visual media and 3D. Between 2000-2005 he acted as the house director in ROTOR Productions Prague, and since 1999  has been a freelance animated music video and television commercial director, creating 11 3D animated music videos, and  9 TV commercials.  All of the 3D animated elements of Veks and Silence were brought to life by Jan.